You must have a Twitter API consumer key / secret code to run this script. If you don’t know how to get these, check out this video tutorial.

 Download the R script!

Step-by-step tutorial

Once you have your Twitter consumer key / secret code, you must copy / paste them on the first lines of the script.

Twitter consummer key

Run the script, Then when asked, go to the given URL and paste the API authorization code.
Twitter API code

Enter the hashtag you want to scan..

2014-02-12 22_18_33-Hastag EntryEnter the number of tweets you want to get.

Tweets number

Then you’ll have to choose an location to save the script outputs (graphs and csv tables).

Output folder

IMPORTANT!!! Select the folder where the dictionnaries are located.

Dictionaries location

And that’s pretty much it! Go to the output folder you’ve chosen and you’ll have several csv tables graphs like these :